Friday, 28 August 2015

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush

By Terry Light Expert Click Brush
By Terry Light Expert Click Brush By Terry Light Expert Click Brush By Terry Light Expert Click Brush By Terry Light Expert Click Brush By Terry Light Expert Click Brush

My first experience with By Terry was the Ombre Blackstar and ever since I have fallen in love with the brand. Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the By Terry Light Expert Click Brush, a new and improved version of the Light Expert Click Brush, which is being released next month.

The By Terry Light Expert Click Brush* is not your typical foundation - it functions like a foundation, highlighter and corrector all in one. As the name would suggest, No.2 Apricot Light is a peachy colour that works as a corrector.  I wasn't sure on the colour at first, but it blends seamlessly to my skin tone and is the perfect match. The foundation is very light weight, you can barely feel it on your skin, and has a strong rose water scent, which may be too much for some people, but does fade over time.

The dark purple tube has a button at its base, just one click produces 4 drops of the foundation, the perfect dose for a light coverage. I personally like to use two clicks for a light to medium coverage, which wastes a lot less product than your traditional foundation. The kabuki brush can be used to buff the product into the skin, however I find it applies streaky. I therefore apply with the brush and blend with my fingers. This foundation does not conceal blemishes or under eye circles very well, but paired with a concealer this produces a flawless natural finish that has the most amazing glow.

The satin finish is my favourite, slightly dewy but not over the top.  I am genuinely very very impressed with this foundation. Its downfall unfortunately is the price. Could I bare to pay £48 for a foundation? I don't know, but I will be tempted to replace it one it has gone.

The Light Expert Click brush is available in 6 different colours and can be purchased from Space NK from next month.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Superdry Nail Polish - Paint & Plane Collection

Superdry released a beauty range quite a few years ago now, but I was never really tempted to try any of their products. I recently tried their mascara and it really wasn't for me, it was far too wet and didn't do much for my lashes. Their nail polishes on the other hand are something very special. The Paint & Plane collection* contains 4 of their nail polishes along with a nail file

From left to right we have 02 Tom Plum, 03 Punk Pink, 05 Imperial Navy and 13 Jade. I currently have Punk Pink on my toes and I am so in love with the colour - it is more barbie pink than in the photo and is a firm favourite at the moment. I also love Jade and Tom Plum, but I am not a huge fan of Imperial Navy as it applies a little streaky. The formulation of the other colours are great, one coat gives great coverage, whilst 2 is opaque.

This collection costs £20, which I will admit isn't particularly cheap for just 4 nail polishes. However, it would make a lovely gift and you can also buy them individually for £6. You can also buy it at TK Maxx for just £12.99 - bargain.

Have you tried anything from Superdry Beauty?
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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I'm getting Invisalign - My free consultation

For as long as I can remember I have been self conscious about my teeth. My bottom set of teeth are very overcrowded, I have a discoloured crown on my front tooth (due to chipping half my tooth on the bottom of a swimming pool), a white spot on the other and they are discoloured.  I had the choice of getting braces when I was younger, but chose not to, and with my wisdom teeth coming through they have pushed my teeth together and become overcrowded. Please note, the picture above does not clearly show this! 

I came across Invisalign quite a few years ago. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign are virtually invisible but are very costly. Being a university student I couldn't justify the cost at that point in time.  I recently decided to look into Invisalign again, and find a reputable dentist to have a consultation with. As it is a big investment, this was not something to rush into. Having researched for many hours, it became apparent that Groupon offers were to be avoided without thorough research - quite often the clinic did a shoddy job, some even ending the treatment before it was complete.

I came across Dr. Tinkler, UKs leading and most experienced Invisalign dentist, from some glowing reviews and decided to look no further.  I booked a free consultation at the Holborn Dental Centre and I was told that I was a good candidate for Invisalign. Dr. Tinkler was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable (and I am generally very nervous with Dentists). I received a quote of £3995 all inclusive, which includes the treatment, the retainers, any refinements and teeth whitening. Not all dentists provide an all inclusive cost, so do bear this in mind. This was a lot more than I had expected, but after much consideration I have decided it will be worth it. 

Today, I have my first official appointment and I am nervous, but also very excited. I shall keep you updated with my progress, including pictures, and thoughts on the process.

Let me know if you have had Invisalign!

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pick Me Up Scrub: Activbod Body Scrub

Activbod are the first skincare range designed specifically to encourage people to be more active. Their products are developed by skin and sports experts, combining the science of skincare with natural ingredients, preparing the body for exercise and helping you to recover more quickly. I have recently started exercising a lot more and so I have really been able to put this to the test.

Pick Me Up* is a deep cleansing body scrub that removes sweat and dirt, keeping your pores nice and clean. The scrub is gentle, therefore great for sensitive skin, and is paraben free. It's key notes of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon, along with green tea extract, create a lovely refreshing scent that is very uplifting (which is also great in the morning). The packaging is slim and lightweight, making it easy to take with you to the gym.

Overall, I really like this scrub. This really is a great little pick me up, I usually feel that little bit more energetic when using this. At £8.00 for 100ml I would say it is more than I would like to pay for a scrub, however I am really quite keen to try out some of their other products, particularly 'mind over matter' as it is meant to help motivate you.

Activbod can be found in Boots for £8. What is your favourite skincare product to use at the gym?

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