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Yankee Candles from Love Aroma (Discount Code included)


Love Aroma Yankee Candle

Love Aroma Yankee Candle

Love Aroma Yankee Candle

Did you know Britons spend around £90 million on Candles every year?! That is an insane amount of candles, and I myself can never have enough candles. If you open my kitchen cupboard you will see hoards of candles just waiting to be burnt. I was recently contacted by Love Aroma and they asked if I would like to try out some of their candles, so of course I said yes. Love Aroma is one of the UKs fastest growing home fragrance specialist and the largest independent retailer of Yankee Candle. They also sell my favourite, WoodWick.

They kindly sent me the Yankee Candle Riviera Escape 6 Votive House Gift Set*, which includes six beautiful summer fragrances for just £10.99, and a votive candle holder*. I personally love these gift sets as they are a great way to try out multiple fragrances before you commit to a larger candle. The candles came well wrapped and protected, which is always a worry when buying candles online. The parcel also came scented with lotus flower and jasmine, one of the candles they sell, which was a lovely surprise! 

Delivery is reasonable at £2.99 if you spend under £30 or free if you spend over £30. It was very speedy, and overall I would highly recommend you check them out. 

Enter VANILLACRUSH at checkout to receive 20% off your order - it expires at the end of September.

Let me know what your favourite candle is!

The Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner in Imperial Bronze


Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner in Imperial Bronze

Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner in Imperial Bronze

I have spoken about my love for Eye of Horus many times on my blog, my favourites being the Maat Dark Temptress Eye Shadow Palette and the Sultry Serpentine Goddess Pencil. I recently found out about the Liquid Metal Eyeliners and this may be my favourite of them all. The liquid eyeliners come in four colours, but the one that I have fallen in love with is Imperial Bronze* - a rich metallic bronze with hints of gold.

I have never really taken to liquid eyeliner, however since using this I am a total convert. The felt tip applicator is very thin and the handle is very long, which I find very easy to use to apply a thin precise line. It is very opaque in one sweep and the colour is just beautiful. Its cruelty, Nut, Gluten and Paraben-free formula is infused with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Lavender Flower Water and Evening Primrose Oil which means it is very gentle on your eyes.

Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner in Imperial Bronze

Once dry this eyeliner does not budge and it does not transfer to the top of your eyelid. It is extremely long wearing - I apply in the morning and it is still there by the evening, without any smudges. The colour is suitable for all skin tones, and looks great with blue eyes. As usual I am very impressed with Eye of Horus and I would highly recommend you try out any of their products. They are more expensive than your typical drug store products, but in my opinion they are worth the extra pennies.

The Eye of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliner are available now from Beauty Bay and the British Museum for £16.50 and are also available in Alchemy Gold, Ancient Pewter and Sphinx Copper.

Nicole Miller Phone Cases


Nicole Miller Phone Case

Go back a year and I rarely changed my phone case, however recently I seem to be growing quite a collection. In particular, I have grown quite fond of the Nicole Miller phone cases. I picked up both of these from TK Maxx for a very reasonable price of just £6.99 each, and yet they are very well made. The floral case on the left is a hard case back with Nicole Miller engraved at the bottom and this is the case that first attracted me to Nicole Miller. The clear floral case on the right is a more recent purchase and comes in two separate parts - a soft gel frame to protect the phone edge and a hard case back to protect the back. 

I adore how these look on my phone and there are many other beautiful designs available. Unfortunately it seems they are not particularly easy to get hold of, there are some on EBay, however do pop into your local TK Maxx store and have a look!

Where do you buy your phone cases from?

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil #FindReggieLove


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Growing up I would always use Tea Tree Oil on my spots. It wasn’t till I was older that I began to dabble in more 'sophisticated' spot treatments, but recently I have returned to the old favourite. For the most part, my skin is generally pretty clear, the only time I usually suffer is around the time of the month, however recently my skin has not been very happy and tea tree oil has really helped.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca Oil, is derived from the leaves of the tea tree, a plant native to Australia (this is not related to the common tea plant that we use to make green and black teas). Most people know tea tree oil as a blemish treatment thanks to its topical antiseptic properties, but there are many other ways that you can use the oil such as to treat scars, soothe insect bites. To read 25 everyday uses for Tea Tree Oil, see here!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil* is a fair trade organic tea tree oil that comes from The Kenya Organic Oil Farmers' Association. I have been applying this oil morning and night, using a q tip to avoid spreading bacteria. Although an oil, it is much runnier and therefore dries quickly. When first applied it does sting a little, something I find strangely satisfying - at least I know it is doing something. It helps to dry out your blemish, reduce the redness and within a few days you will see the spot begin to disappear. 

The bottle is very medicinal, and the cap is leak proof making it very travel friendly. The applicator itself can be quite hard to use, I often struggle to get the product out - but after practice it does become easier. Although small, the bottle will last a long time as you only need to apply one or two drops morning and night.

I must mention that tea tree oil does not have the most pleasant scent, and it is very strong, however I don't mind it too much and it dissipates quickly. It doesn't help much with spots that have already filled with pus - therefore apply as soon as you see the first signs of a spot. This particular version contains 15% tea tree oil and costs £8 for 10ml, but if you are looking for a cheaper version that is 100% tea tree oil, check out Superdrugs own version for £2.99.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


The Body Shop are currently running a campaign called Find Reggie Love, but who is Reggie you may ask. Reggie is a Red Shanked Douc, a monkey that is on the red list of endangered species. Doucs are poached for both food and use in Chinese medicine, and the forest that they live in is being destroyed, so they need our help. 

For every purchase made in participating stores, The Body Shop will contribute 1p to help restore the rain forest in Vietnam. Now this may not sound a lot, however 1p can help save 1 square metre of the rain forest, and help Reggie to find some friends to expand their population. This is an easy way to help make a difference whilst purchasing your favourite products from The Body Shop.

Do you use tea tree oil as a spot treatment?

24 Hours in Athens


On our way to Santorini, we decided to stop in Athens for the day. Now, Athens is not a city I have thought to visit exclusively, but as our flight was going via Athens we decided to make the most of it and stay there for one evening. We landed just after 10pm, and left the following evening - leaving us 24 hours to explore the historical city of Athens. To be honest, we did very little planning before we got there, which surprisingly turned out very well.

Top of the list is the Acropolis. Yes, it is full of tourists, and it can get very hot in the middle of summer but you cannot go to Athens without taking a trip to the Acropolis. From afar, the Parthenon can be seen from most places in Athens, but up close it is even more impressive.

Be sure to head to Areios Pagos, a rock below the Acropolis where trials were held for murders in ancient times, to get amazing views of both the Acropolis and the city. If you want to beat the crowd, visit early morning or later in the day when it will also be a little cooler. 

Next up, head to Plaka for some lunch. Plaka, arguably the most beautiful neighbourhood in Athens, is a labyrinth of streets with whitewashed buildings. Some areas are very touristy, however you can spend hours strolling along the old cobbled streets, discovering the bars and cafes. Here we stopped in and had my favourite Greek food - souvlaki and Greek salad, whilst we watched the world go by.

Near to Plaka is the Acropolis Museum, which houses the old riches of the Acropolis. The setup of the museum is one of the best I have seen, arranged in chronological order from pre-history through the late Roman period. It is very modern offers a beautiful view of the Acropolis from the cafe/restaurant. This can take a few hours to get around but is well worth the visit.

Lastly, if you are after a quick and easy dinner head to Monastiraki Square and eat at one of the two famous tavernas - Thanasis and Bairaktaris. It is here that I experienced my first gyros and it sure was amazing - highly recommended.

Be sure to find out if anything is on in the city that day - whilst we were there, there was a food festival that was on which was so much fun.

24 hours is a good amount of time to get a feeling for the city, but if you can afford to stay a few more days then I suggest that you do. It is a great city to not really have much of a plan, but just explore side streets and get off the beaten track a little.

3 Simple Tricks to drink more water



You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again - drinking water has many health and skin benefits. When you haven't had enough water, you become dehydrated and you may begin to experience dry skin, headaches, a dry mouth and worst of all, tiredness. So why do we not drink more water? I for one used to struggle to drink the recommended 2-3 litres a day, until I started tricking myself into drinking more. Here are some tips that will hopefully encourage you to try and drink some more water throughout the day.

This is a more recent discovery, but one that I would highly recommend. Hydratem8* is a water bottle with a difference. The markings on the water bottle remind you to keep drinking every hour, motivating you to reach that 2 litre mark. It has a flip straw which means it is very easy to use on the move, it is BPA free and can hold 900ml of liquid. Since using this water bottle I am definitely drinking a lot more. I am always checking that I have reached the recommended amount, and if not, I drink up. They come in a variety of colours and cost £13.99 each. For every purchase made they also donate £1 to Pump Aid, a charity who help provide safe water to those who need it the most.


If you struggle to drink a lot of water because you find it quite simply boring, add some fruit, vegetables or herbs. Not only do you get the benefits of the water, but you get added benefits from the fruit and vegetables. Here are my top three infusions:
> Raspberry and Mint - This has wonderful antioxidant properties from the raspberries, and the mint helps to aid your digestion.
> Blueberry and Oranges - This also has antioxidant properties from the blueberries and toxin flushing properties from the oranges.
> Lemons, Mint and Cucumber - Otherwise known as sassy water. This is a well known detox water that has been shown to help people lose weight.
Lastly, make drinking water a habit. Many people simply forget to drink water, however, adding it to your daily routine will mean that you are prompted to drink. This could be every time you pop to the bathroom you drink a glass of water, or when you go to sleep/wake up you drink a glass of water. Make it a ritual and every time you do said activity you will be reminded to drink some water. This is an easy way to add a few more glasses to your routine each day.

What are your tips for drinking more water?

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack


Every time I have my skin analysed I am told that my undereyes are dehydrated, so I am always on the look out for hydrating treatments.  I currently use the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado every evening, but sometimes I am in need of a little extra boost of hydration. Eye Masks are not that easy to come by in the UK, however DHC have just released the Rich Eye Zone Care Pack*. This deeply hydrating eye mask contains moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and elastin, which help to protect the skins natural moisture barrier and olive fruit oil to deeply hydrate.

There are 6 applications in the pack, and they are stored inside a plastic container. The right and left eye masks are paired together, and when you peel them apart you reveal the creamy formula. After cleansing and toning, you apply the mask to your eye area, leave for 10 minutes then masage any remaining cream into your skin. It is suggested to use this mask once or twice a week, so you can get up to 6 weeks worth of treatments in one pack.

The first time I used the mask, I found it quite hard to apply in a place that was comfortable. Little did I know that I had put them on the wrong way round! When applied the correct way, it is still a little uncomfortable, perhaps I have a large eye area? Once I removed the mask, I could instantly see a difference - my eyes looked bright and more awake. My under eyes looked much more hydrated and I could still feel the moisture is there hours later. I like that it works on both the under eye and on the upper lid, something that would be very beneficial to older skin.

The DHC Rich Eye Zone Care pack is now available online at for £15 (£2.50 per treatment).
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