Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Favourite at Home Manicure; KISS Nail Treatments

If you asked me a few months ago what my nail care routine was like, my answer would have been “what nail routine?”. My nails were weak and brittle, and consequently I would often bite them (nasty habit!). However, more recently I have really taken more of an interest in caring for my nails and this is evident in the condition of my nails. They are a lot stronger, they do not bend and my cuticles are looking a lot healthier. I can honestly say this is down to two new nail treatments from Kiss - the Cuticle Care and Strengthening kits.

To prep my nails I have been using the Kiss Cuticle Care Daily Maintenance System. In this pack you receive cuticle remover, cuticle oil and a nail balm. I have never used anything like the cuticle remover before so I was amazed the first time I used it. It contains potassium hydroxide which breaks down and loosens excess cuticles, sounds painful but it’s not. In fact, it doesn’t even sting and it makes for a much cleaner manicure. The cuticle oil smells delightful, a bit like marzipan, and contains Jojoba and Almond oil which hydrates and revitalizes your nails. A little of this goes a long way therefore be careful not to apply too much. Finished off with the nail balm, which heals dry cuticles and promotes healthy nail growth, you are ready to paint.

On the days where I want to give my nails a break to breathe, I apply the Kiss Strengthening Manicure System which includes a base coat, a nail tint and the top coat. They are specially formulated with keratin-pro complex to strengthen your nails and allow your nails to breathe. The nail tint provides your nails with a light colour to enhance your nails, with the top coat providing that extra protection.

Pairing these two kits together has been a godsend for me. A few months ago my nails were peeling, soft and generally in poor condition, but after using this for the past few weeks they have improved immensely. This really is a rave review and I would recommend these kits to anyone. They are very affordable at £7.99 each and can be found in your local Superdrug.

What nail treatments do you like to use?

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle

Last year Yankee Candle added a new candle to their Christmas collection called Snowflake Cookie. During the Christmas period I typically reach for spicy scented candles, and this expands into the Autumn and Winter months. I therefore thought I would give Snowflake Cookie a try as it is a little different for this time of the year! This vanilla sugar based scent is described as:
A new Christmas tradition that is sure to charm: perfectly pretty holiday cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing.
As you would expect from the description, this is a very sweet scented candle, mimicking cookies topped with icing. It is very similar to Vanilla Cupcake, but sweeter. On first sniffs it is a bit too sweet and over powering for my liking. However, once lit it is not quite so strong and the room fills with a lovely light baking smell. The packaging is not particularly Christmasy and therefore can easily be burnt all year round without it looking out of place. If you do not like sweet scents, this is not for you, but if you like your house smelling like cookies this is the one.

Which is your favourite Yankee Candle Scent?

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Vaseline Limited Edition Queen Bee

Earlier this week, Victoria and I attended the launch of Vaseline’s fourth Limited Edition Lip Therapy - Queen Bee. This was my second event at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, and what a lovely hotel it is. Located in the Orangery room, the d├ęcor was black and gold themed with honey dotted around the room – it smelt amazing. They also had Queen Bee inspired manicures (mine were black with gold glitter on the ring finger) and a life coach you could speak to.

Now onto the Vaseline! It has a light honey scent, which I absolutely love and like all Vaselines, it will help to protect your lips through the cold winter months approaching. What really makes Queen Bee stand out is the shimmery gold and black stripes packaging, very different to the usual plain packaging.

The Limited Edition Vaseline Queen Bee is available now from Boots and Tesco for just £3.99 – but be quick as stock is limited.

Which is your favourite Vaseline?

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadow

Max Factor is a brand that I particularly love, so I am always excited to hear about their new releases. Next month they shall be releasing a new range of gel eye shadows called ‘Excess Shimmer Eye shadows’. As the name would suggest, these gel based shadows contain shimmer and have a metallic finish. Pearl is a beautiful white which works great as a highlighter, Pink Opal is a pearly pink and Onyx is a shimmery black which is perfect for a smokey eye.

As a gel I was expecting the shadow to be hard to work with, when in fact the texture is surprisingly nice. They are very soft, which makes them incredibly easy to blend, and silky smooth when applied. As you can see they are highly pigmented and can be built up to produce a more intense look or blended for a softer look. Lasting power is good if used with a primer, otherwise it will crease towards the end of the day. The packaging is very secure, it has a glass base with a black screw lid and they contain 7g of product which is very generous when compared to others.

These shadows are very versatile, which is great for when you are traveling. Not only can you apply them by themselves, but you can mix the shades together to produce a new colour, apply them on top of another shadow to add some shimmer, use them as a base of another shadow, or line your eyes. Available from November for just £7.99, these are a great buy. They come in three other shades; Bronze, Copper and Crystal – of which I have my eye on them all!

Which is your favourite colour?

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