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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Tourist in my own City; London Instagram Walk with


A few weeks ago, on what felt like the coldest day of the year, I went on a London Instagram walk with Zinita from Beauty and the Payroller. It was hosted by and we were also joined by the fabulous Alan Brutenic, who is huge on Instagram. This was my second Instagram walk, both very different, but both thoroughly enjoyable! It's not often that I am a tourist in my own city, so it's nice to explore and take in just how beautiful London is!


We started near Waterloo and walked all the way along the Southbank, ending at London Bridge. Along the way Alan shared his photography tips, including a few recommended apps for the iPhone (Snapseed and camera+) which I instantly downloaded. My favourite tip that Alan shared was using the reflection of puddles to take an interesting photo, of which I will definitely be trying - just search google to see what I mean!


We finished in a pub, sharing the photos we took with one another, (which you can check out on the hashtag #matchinstameet) whilst Alan picked his favourites. Thank you both to for hosting the event and Alan for being a great host!

Have you been a tourist in your own city recently?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sleek I'm Conditional Mascara

Sleek are well known for many products, blushes, eyeshadow and pout paint, but I don't often read too much about their mascaras. I'm Conditional* is the most recent mascara released by Sleek, and not only does it aim to thicken and lengthen lashes, it also claims to promote strong, long and healthy lashes, whilst conditioning them and helping them to grow - a pretty bold claim I would say! So, what did I think?

Firstly, I must comment on the brush. It is a doubled edged brush, one side quite dense, to build volume and the other more sparse, to lengthen lashes. This makes it much easier to reach the inner and outer lashes, without it going everywhere, producing a dramatic yet natural effect that is not too over the top. The picture above says it all really, it is an intense black that both lengthens and volumizes without clumping and I am very pleased with the effect.

Like all Sleek packaging, It's Conditional is very plain yet sleek - and I love it, it reminds me a little of NARS. As for the claim of helping lashes to grow, I cannot comment as I use a different mascara most days and therefore didn't see a difference. But in terms of its application, I love it. At £7.99 this mascara is a bargain, available online at Sleek and in store at Superdrug. It lasts all day long without any drop out, nor do I have issues with it transferring to the top of my eyelids.

What is your favourite drugstore mascara?

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Caspari Ostrich Diary

So, I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, however I finally got my 2015 diary. I am not usually one to keep a paper diary, I make note of everything on my phone, but this year I decided I wanted one (albeit a bit late). A few weekends ago I was out shopping, not looking for a diary, and was instantly drawn to this one by Caspari. It was originally £15, but reduced to £7.50 due to the time of the year - bargain!

This beautiful turquoise diary is covered in faux leather Ostrich, with soft off white paper and gilt edges (love, love, love). It contains your usual information at the beginning - holiday dates, metric information and world time differences, with space for birthdays, addresses and notes at the back. It also has a monthly overview page, followed by your typical week by week view. There is a space to hold notes/receipts on the back page and a very useful ribbon page marker to find todays week.

I purchased this from a local independent store, but I did manage to find it online at Amazon, in a variety of different colours.

Have you got a diary this year?

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover & SOS Nail Pen


As you may have seen Nails Inc have recently re-branded many of their products, including the Express Nail Polish Remover and the SOS Nail Pen. Both these products are staples in my nail polish routine are a bit of a life saver when it comes to keeping nails neat and tidy!

The Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover* is very similar to the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, which I reviewed here, but better. This magic little pot is essentially just a sponge in a pot, soaked in nail polish remover. You just dip your finger into the pot, twist 2 or 3 times and remove and your nail will be nail polish free - super quick and very effective! It does not smell like your typical nail polish remover, but instead has a light vanilla scent that is not overpowering. 

The main difference between the Nails Inc and Bourjois remover is that the Nails inc sponge is more dense, which I find removes the polish much much better. At £8.00 a pot it is more expensive than you typical nail polish remover, but it is so much easier to use and much more convenient when travelling as there is no need to carry a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton pads. It also does not leave any residue on your nails, unlike some removers.


I used the Nails Inc SOS Nail Pen* once I have painted my nails to remove any mishaps (in my case, many mishaps!). It looks much like a felt tip, allowing you to accurately remove any excess polish and create a smooth line by the nail bed. The lid contains two replacement nibs and doubles up as a mini nail file and an orange stick, which is handy when out and about.

I found this very easy to use, and unlike some nail pens, the nib is nice and moist making it easier to remove nail polish. It is enriched with jojoba oil, and does not contain acetone, therefore it is gentle on your nails and skin and does not tug. This has made my nail polish application look a lot neater than it actually is, which I am very thankful for! At £12 it is a little more than I would personally like to pay, but compared to cheaper versions I would rather pay that little bit more for the quality of the SOS nail pen.

What are your nail must haves?

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